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Fair Trade

Learning about Fair Trade issues is an extremely powerful way for children to learn about what goes on in the world. As children hear stories of producers around the globe, they will learn how their choices in buying fair trade products can support and make a real difference to other people’s lives.

We have organised some events to promote Fairtrade products such as having Fairtrade Breakfasts for the parents.


We regularly visit the supermarket to survey and investigate how many shops sell Fairtrade products and what products they do. The children are very confident at identifying the logo and impress their parents of their knowledge when they go shopping with them for food and point out the Fairtrade products and the reason for buying them. 





"We started using Hyde n Seek when our son was 5 months old, he is now leaving for school but our two girls still attend. From the minute we arrived for a tour of the nursery we knew this was the place we wanted our children to be cared for.  Staff are always available to offer honest advice and support through every stage of our children’s development. The Curriculum for Excellence is flexible and meaningful, promotes real-life learning and this is what Hyde n Seek do and more. Our children also receive football coaching, Spanish lessons and dance factory song and dance sessions, all included in our monthly fee.  On numerous occasions we have had to take our daughter to nursery mid tantrum and uncooperative and the staff were quick to help calm her down and comfort her.   As a testimonial to this nursery we over the past five years have not seen a high turn over of staff. Most have been there since we starting using the nursery. This has helped with continuity for the children when moving from one room to another.  Thank you just doesn’t seem enough."  Mary Campbell & Serena Davidson


"My daughter absolutely loves Hyde n Seek.  She looks forward to her dance class, football, playing with her friends and most of all seeing her “ladies”.  The staff are what makes Hyde n seek stand out - they can’t do enough for the kids.  Its always great to see my daughters work displayed and get a daily report of what she has been up to and what they had for lunch/snack.  Any event organised is always done to perfection with kids being the main focus.  Couldn’t have hoped for any better childcare and would recommend this nursery."  Cheryl Graham


"As first time parents, and a first time mum returning to work just before my son was 7 months old, to say we were apprehensive about finding the right nursery is an understatement! From the very moment we walked into hyde n seek kinning park, we knew this was the right nursery. The rooms were big, bright & clean and there was plenty of staff around helping and playing with the children. The children themselves looked happy and well cared for. As well as the usual safety features you'd expect, like secure entry, all the questions I asked about health and safety & food were answered confidently and immediately, leaving us impressed. Since my son started he has loved the nursery and formed bonds with all the girls in the baby room - something he does not do lightly! Everyone is reassuring and happy to speak to me regardless of how many times I call to check on my son and are willing to work together to overcome any challenges to benefit everyone. We'd highly recommend this nursery to anyone (especially nervous mums!) who want to go to work having peace of mind that their bundle of joy is being cared for well and to the standard you would expect for them." Louise & Barry McIntyre 


"I started my daughter at Hyde 'n' Seek nursery two and a half years ago when she was 5 months old.  As a first time mum I was apprehensive at leaving my baby for the first time and unsure fully what to expect having weighed up the various child care options and nursery's.  I was worried that the care may not be personal enough in a nursery environment but I could not have been more wrong.  The staff through all of the progressing rooms and stages have been nothing short of excellent.  The care they offer each and every day is to the highest and most professional standard with the upmost in flexibility to our child and the needs of us as working parents.  Katie have thrived in their care and absolutely loves going to nursery each and every day.  It has been a pleasure and a great comfort to see her grow and develop not only from what we as a family offer at home but from what has become like an extension to that in nursery further enhancing her education, good manners and morals in those important early years.  As a result Katie has became a very confident, contented and sociable child and as a mum that's wonderful to see." Jill Walker

"Looking at childcare options in preparation for a return to work after maternity can be an anxious time for most.  As first time parents we spent a considerable amount of time considering different options and providers, but after our first visit to Hyde n Seek Nursery in Kinning Park all of our reservations were satisfied beyond expectation – we knew that this was the best place we could possibly want for our (8 months old) twin boys.  The staff team ensured that the boys had a good settling in period that made our transition as a family from having mum home on maternity leave back into work completely stressfree!  Having recently attended our first Parents Evening, we can see how much the boys are getting out of going to Hyde ‘n’ Seek and they adore their key workers:  The development in their learning, mobility and emotional attitudes have been cared for and nurtured by all staff within the Nursery.  There are never any tears when we drop them off and we know that they are very content and happy throughout the day; not only can we see it on the boys’ faces when we come to collect them, but the staff are brilliant at keeping us informed of how their day has been.  We never quite appreciated quite how important the role of Hyde ‘n’ Seek would be in regards to our children’s learning and development, but the ‘home links’ (Sensory Box, activities etc) and play that the boys participate in are just brilliant and a great way of involving parents.  Their diet is varied and exciting through a bespoke menu of freshly made food for all the children, introducing new flavours and textures at appropriate stages – there are rarely any leftovers and more often cries for seconds!  We are so grateful for everything that all of the staff at Hyde ‘n’ Seek do for us and our children."  Emma and Stewart Macgregor

"My daughter started at Hyde n Seek when she was eight months old and I am delighted with the care she recieves there.  The staff are second to none and she adores them.  I drop off in the morning knowing she is going to have a fun stimulating day.  There are no tears from her (there were from mummy in those first few weeks!) and I can see how she's come on in the months she's been there.  The rate at which she is developing is amazing and it's, in a large part, down to the dedication of the nursery staff who look after her, have fun with her and teach her new skills.  I am so pleased I chose Hyde n Seek because any worries I had about my daughter going into nursery have evaporated."  Sally Lawrence

"My son loves coming to nursery to play with his friends and the 'ladies'.  He loves his friends and 'ladies' and is equally loved by them.  He loves the football class, spanish and dance class.  He hums the songs and wants to dance encouraging his music sense.  He has learnt a lot of good habits, manners and has gained an understanding of friendship and camaradrie."  Shilpa Jedhe

"My son has been attending Hyde n Seek Nursery since he was 8 months old and he is now 2.  He is a happy, outgoing and socialable wee boy.  A lot of this is down to the staff who provide a nourishing and caring environment for him to thrive in.  The staff in the nursery are always enthusiastic and they really took the time to get to know my son and tailor activities to meet his needs and ability.  I whole heartedly recommend this nursery to anyone looking for a nursery place for their wee one." Kelly Murray

"I am very happy with the quality of care my daughter recieves at Hyde n Seek Nursery in Kinning Park.  She loves being at nursery and is very fond of all of the staff.  She likes to tell me all about her day and my partner and I are extremely happy with the service." Annette Carberry

"I find that the staff are what makes this nursery stand out from the rest. They are hard working, caring and well trained. They are not glorified babysitters but really engage and develop each child according to their specific needs, and are always friendly and helpful as well." Stephen Toal

"My child loves nursery and all the staff.  The nursery is very welcoming and homely.  My child is always progressing and that is thanks to the staff." Caoibhe Feeney

"My child is alway goes to nursery with a big smile on his face and comes home stimulated and happy.  I never worry about him when he's at nursery which is great testiment to the staff."  Jen Gaskin

"My daughter joined hyde n seek nursery when she was 7mth old. As i met the staff I new that I would be more than happy to trust them with my daughter. Kaitlyn is now 2yrs old and has improved so much and this is down to the fantastic staff. Kaitlyn has never had any problems going into nursery as the staff are so friendly towards her. I would recommend this nursery to anyone." Kelly Swindle


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